September Reading Wrap Up

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October 2, 2016 by Betty

September was apparently a bit of a slow reading month for me. I do have like three more books I started in September, i.e. The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye I’ve been “reading” for over three weeks, but I didn’t finish them. I have been really picky about reading all the way through books lately. I start and get about half way, but find myself being more interested another book and set that one aside for a while. Anyway, let get right into it!

1) Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews -4 Stars

Loved this book. I worship Ilona Andrews’ writing and have no idea why I put off picking this series up for so long. Definitely did not disappoint!

2) Making Her His by Lucy Leroux- 4 Stars

A mushy, gushy romance read. Guilty pleasure of mine, but I really enjoyed it. Something to throw me off my young adult streak. 

3) At The Edge of the World by Kari Jones- 4 Stars

I cried many tears and felt many feels. Such a intricately written novel about what is is like for a child of an alcoholic who tries to hide the truth of his father from everyone. I loved this book so much.

4) Night Whispers by Judith McNaught- 5 Stars

This was a reread from forever ago but I love love LOVE all of Judith McNaught’s novels. This book is tied with Someone to Watch Over Me as my favorite book by this author.

5) Lips Touch Three Time by Laini Taylor- 3 Stars

As much as I like Laini Taylor this book was only so so for me. It had great original ideas for each of the short stories, and the drawings were a nice touch, but I was not crazy about it. They were a little too “gothic” I guess. What with the whole not-so-happy endings and the dark aspects of each story.

6) Cursed by Lucy Leroux- 3 Stars

A loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It had a lot of potential, but it just didn’t live up to it. A lot of details and aspects were highly underdeveloped. I still have hope for more books from this author nonetheless.


So that is it. Six books for the month of September. How did you guys do for your reading last month? Let me know, I always love too hear from you!

Have you read any of these books or anything by these authors?


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