When Your Books Arrive Damaged


September 10, 2016 by Betty

If there is one thing I truly hate in the world it is having to go through the hassle of mailing something back. Sometimes you order something online and it is damaged, or the wrong item or, in the case of clothes/shoes, too small or big. Well that’s what happened to me yesterday.

My copy of Empire of Storms finally arrived Friday, (it came by mail) but upon opening it I realized that it was slightly damaged. The dust cover has a tear along the spine about halfway down (not on the edge or anything) and about the first 15 pages are deeply creased.

Now, it might not seem like a big deal, but I did pay for a pristine copy and I hate to have to settle for a damaged one. I contemplated just keeping it, but I want a perfect undamaged copy. That being the case, I do plan on returning it as that is an option with the purchase. I plan to read it ASAP, and then return it for another copy.

How about you guys? Have you ever received a damaged book before?


4 thoughts on “When Your Books Arrive Damaged

  1. cat says:

    Try this, I preordered EoS in April, got my book this Tuesday and it was freaking defective. It’s like the printing machine glitched during production so all the chapter pages had like a skewed background image. So I asked for a replacement. Got the replacement, that copy was also defective. I asked for another replacement and THAT one was finally ok.

    Do you know how pissed I was? LOL. I don’t have OCD or anything but it was SO ANNOYING. I knew it wasn’t a big deal but I wanted what I paid for.

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