A Forest of Wolves by Chelsea Luna Review

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July 26, 2016 by Betty

Title: A Forest of Wolves

Author: Chelsea Luna

Publication Date: September 13, 2016

Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟


Prague, 1610
In a few short weeks seventeen-year-old Mila has gone from being Ludmila Novakova, pampered daughter of the High Chancellor of Bohemia, to becoming a traitor escaping the palace at midnight in her wedding nightgown. Her country is in chaos, an army is marching from Austria, and revolution is a breath away.
Mila is caught in the middle, between the man she loves—Marc, the son of a blacksmith and a leader of the rebellion—and the murderer the Church calls her husband. Even as she flees with Marc into the heart of the resistance, where the suspicions of angry citizens make her every palace-born habit a danger, she knows he hasn’t told her everything.
But Mila is keeping the biggest secret herself: she is the heir to the throne, the daughter of embattled King Rudolf and Princess of Bohemia. The truth will turn the fury of both sides against her, leaving Mila alone to win her country’s freedom—and her own .

Funnily enough, I read this book without prior knowledge that it was the second in a series. I saw it on NetGalley and I saw no mention that it was part of a series, so I requested it because the summary seems intriguing. Not to mention I was totally pulled in by the beautiful cover.

Thankfully, it was written in a way that briefly explained what had already happened in the first book. I was clearly informed of all the important and relevant events that had transpired in the first book. The story, as mentioned in the synopsis, tales place in a world similar to The Inquisition in the Middle Age. The main focus of the story is on how Protestants are being murder and persecuted for “heresy” by the Catholic Church and its members. Mila finds herself right in the crux of the Resistance. Marc, the man she loves is the region leader of the rebels. He organizes the search for more sympathizers and plots the gathering of weapons and funds.

Although I am not really a reader of historical fiction, this book was very captivating and the characters very realistic. The heroine of the story, Mila, finds herself newly wed to a Duke who is a Catholic advocate, but has run away with the Marc, the man she loves. Marc’s brother, Henrik, is also in love with Mila and I have a secret suspicion that he is the one she is going to end up with. Which I totally ship, because Marc is so focused on the Resistance that he neglects Mila anytime he is needed to help with something pertaining to the Resistance. Henrik on the other hand is a great cook and much more observant to Mila and her emotions and actually takes the time to talk to her and see how she fares amidst all the rebels who hate her.

There are some revelations that deepen the intrigue and raise the stakes of characters and possible outcomes. Mila reads a letter from her deceased mother informing her that the man she thought was her father is not. The King of Bohemia himself is her father, making her the heir apparent. Since the Resistance wants to dethrone the current king and put a Protestant ruler in his place, Mila’s very life is now in danger if anyone should learn the truth.

I really did enjoy this book and will be going back to read the first to have a better knowledge of prior events. Not to mention that I may have to brush up on my history even though this book is set in a made up world. Do any of you enjoy historical fiction? I find I am really growing to like it.



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