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May 14, 2016 by Betty

Hello my blogging comrades! I wanted to share a list of some of my favorite authors. Sometimes I want to discover new authors and I figured I would share some of my favorites. Although let me warn you know that all of them are female authors, simply because that is what I usually end up reading. I swear it is not a conscious things. I also linked the authors website (if they have one) to their name if you want to check out what books they’ve written. Nonetheless, here they are!

  1. Ilona Andrews – Her Hidden Legacies series (currently one one book) is to die for. I’ve re-read it like three times and am always up for another go.
  2. Sarah J Maas – Fantasy/ High Fantasy is an ABSOLUTE MUST. My all time favorite genre and two of my favorite series. Celaena is my spirit animal.
  3. V. E. Schwab – Her fantasy worlds are so fun to get involved in. She has such an unbelievable talent in creating amazing worlds.
  4. Patricia Briggs – Mercy Thompson and Alpha Omega series are the bomb. Both are urban fantasies.
  5. Maria V. Snyder – Another amazing fantasy/magical stories author. I love her take on magic and the worlds she imagines and brings into existence.
  6. Leigh Bardugo – Her website is so awesome! Very interactive and attractive. You should definitely check it out! Not to mention Six of Crows is so beautiful and full of characters of such depth and realism.
  7. Marissa Meyer – Fairytale retellings? With settings and elements that are modern/futuristic and characters that have their own real personalities? YES PLEASE!
  8. Anne Bishop – Bishop’s “The Others” series is my baby. I love Meg and Simon. They need to become an official thing already. Not to mention the different beings/entities that are tweaked into being uniquely her own creation.
  9. Lisa Kleypas – Her books make me cry and overly emotional.


I almost want to keep going but then it would just be too overwhelming. I do consider these among my TOP favorite authors though. I read their books almost immediately and when then have to be patient until they release the next book, but you know what?


Something that I’ve always found mildly annoying is when people say that “debut” authors are their favorite authors because one book does not a favorite author make, but in this case a few of them made my list anyway. Although, they aren’t really debut authors anymore. They have quite a few books out so I really got a feel for their writing style i.e. Sarah J Maas, Marissa Meyer. On the other hand some of these authors are from books I’ve read in my middle school and high school years, yet they are so good that I still love them to this day. Please tell me who are some of your favorite authors. I’d love to know if we have any in common or if there are any you recommend!



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