Crooked Kingdom Cover Reveal


February 23, 2016 by Betty

For those who were not aware, the cover for Crooked Kingdom was revealed today! I must say that while I absolutely loved the cover for Six of Crows, I don’t feel the same level of appreciation for Crooked Kingdom’s cover. It is still greatly pleasing to my eyes and follows the same theme as the first book cover. Without further ado…here it is!!!

**Drum roll**





If you have yet to read Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo I highly highly suggest you motor your butt and read it. The world building is freaking ah-may-zing! The characters are also full of depth and the story line is fast paced and exciting up to the very last page. One of my top reads of last year. I can not wait patiently for this book. So much is going to happen, but you know what

my body is ready.gif

I have loved Leigh Bardugo’s book so far. Both Six of Crows and the Grisha trilogy. The writing is amazing and I am just so in love with her and her books.


Let me know what cover reveals you are excited for and what you think of Crooked Kingdom’s cover.


5 thoughts on “Crooked Kingdom Cover Reveal

  1. AHHHH I need to get onto this bandwagon! I have not read ANYTHING by Leigh Bardugo and all I see is LOVE for EVERYTHING and just: I want XD And plus the covers are GORGEOUS! I NEED I NEED!

    I’m looking forward to the cover reveal of the next THRONE OF GLASS novel because PLEASE. Every single cover so far has been so damn BEAUTIFUL and I need to know what the pretty thing is going to look like on my shelf ❤

    Aha, I WILL be motoring my butt and reading this book (hopefully) extremely soon!

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  2. haha love the Alan Rickman gif!! Great post!!

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