Daughter of Smoke and Bone


February 7, 2016 by Betty

(Sorry for the grainy cover photo!!!) I went into this book a little blind. I didn’t investigate much into reviews on it or what the story was about. I just knew some people said they liked the book and I was a little sold on the cover. However, there are times that you pick up a book on a whim, in essence, and get blown out of the water. This is what happened to me with Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.


This book left me reeling. The prose was beautifully written and the plot and execution was brilliant. The plot was something new and fresh. I mean, certain aspects are nothing new, maybe even slightly clichéd and unoriginal, bur Laini Taylor gave it a new perspective. I love the setting, the characters, the emotion behind everything.

I was fascinated by Karou. Her character and personality was so realistic. She isn’t some perfect character that does everything right and has everything go as planned and fall into place for her. There are many instance in the book where things go horribly wrong. Taylor doesn’t soften the blows when it come to real life, or as real as life can be in a work of fantasy fiction. I love how she would tell herself “Be that cat” in terms of being the aloof and calm cats that don’t care for your attention, but she couldn’t. She would pretend for short periods of time, but her true feelings would override what she knew she should do. Also, there was no insta-love. Well, maybe a little on Akiva’s side, but the back story helps in that sense. (I’m not giving spoilers!)

There is so much mystery floating around all the characters, from Karou to Brimstone to Akiva to all the chimaera. A lot is cleared up, there were a lot of curve balls for me, but there is still much to be discovered. I loved this book so much. I wasn’t to sure what to expect in terms of liking it, but it really was amazing. I am going to jump the next two books. If you enjoy young adult fantasy books I really can not recommend this enough!


3 thoughts on “Daughter of Smoke and Bone

  1. This book has been waiting on my bookshelf for a while now – I’ve been wanting to pick it up but I haven’t yet! This review however makes me want to read it RIGHT NOW XD This was a wonderful and really nice review!

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