My review on Faith and Moonlight: An Echo of the Ascended by Joe King and Mark Gelineau 

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December 21, 2015 by Betty

I was given this as an ebook review copy. Here is my honest review on the book Faith and Moonlight: An Echo of the Ascended by Joe King and Mark Gelineau.

This short prequel novella really whet my appetite for the series. It is the story of Kay and Roan, two orphans who only have each other after a fire destroyed the orphanage they called home. In exchange for Roan saving an adult from the orphanage, he and Kay are offered a chance to enter the School of Faith and become Razors. They have one month to pass the entry test.

They find themselves little intimidated yet excited at the chance of belonging somewhere. However, as Roan excels and finds he has a rare gift, Kay struggles to pass the entry test. Their friendship and loyalty to one another is put to the test. As her month quickly nears its end, she fears having to leave the school. Roan has promised her they will stay together no matter what, but what if she fails and dooms Roan to leave behind his chance to become something special? What is she willing to do stay together?

I really enjoyed this novella. It explores all the nuances of Roan and Kay’s friendship, loyalty, hopes and dreams. Kay is scared of being alone, yet at the same time she doesn’t want to condemn Roan to a difficult and mediocre life just to stay together when he could be so much more. Their friendship is straining and they agonize over the future awaiting them. Faith and Moonlight is a story full of fantasy, magic and coming of age lessons.

At times, I found myself fighting back tears or feeling angry and affronted on behalf of the characters. They are so real and down to earth. Kay feels insecure in herself as she struggles to be good at something. She’s not naturally talented and a quick learner. Despite the help of others, she finds herself failing again and again and becoming more desperate as she does. When G*@#%$ (not giving away names or spoilers) tells her she is kidding herself and will not succeed, she feels desolate, frustrated and useless. More than anything, she fears losing Roan.

So, go and read it guys. I know, I know. Your TBR pile is already insanely long as is, but if you like YA and fantasy tales, this is definitely worth the read.


Thanks for reading!


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